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World - Released May 29, 2020 | Glitterbeat Records

Hi-Res Booklet

World - Released November 10, 2017 | Glitterbeat Records

Hi-Res Booklet
The musicians from the group TootArd were born in the Golan Heights, originally part of Syria but annexed by Israel in 1967. But they are not recognised by either of the two states. Denied of a nationality, the only official document they can obtain is a travel permit which they must display whenever they move. Their music is their passport; and the traditions of Arabic music, reggae and Tuareg blues which have influenced them are their visas. Recorded by the trio in Jerusalem, this album functions as a kind of manifesto. Jointly written by the Nakleh brothers, Hasan (guitars, piano and voice) and Rami (bass, percussion and backing vocals) and backed up by Amr Mdah's saxophone, the ten pieces here chart a new territory where the component parts all dissolve into a new identity. The guitars are sharp, the rhythms are irresistible, the songs intoxicating and the poetic lyrics are translated into English in the booklet. © BM/Qobuz