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Thousand Below

A versatile post-hardcore unit based out of San Diego, California, Thousand Below emerged in 2016 with a sound that pairs emotionally charged lyrics, melodic riffage, and combustible breakdowns with the dynamic atmospherics of post-rock. Employing a sonic attack that evokes contemporaries like Bring Me the Horizon, Underoath, and Devil Wears Prada, the band formed around the talents of James DeBerg (vocals), Devin Chance (guitar), Josh Thomas (guitar), Josh Billimoria (bass), and Garrett Halvax (drums). Thousand Below came together quickly and hashed out a demo that impressed Rise Records, who released their debut studio album, Love You Let Too Close, in October 2017. Guitarist Chance left the fold shortly before recording the group's sophomore effort. The resulting Gone in Your Wake, which employed a cleaner and more electronics-forward approach, arrived in 2019 and continued to push against the sonic architecture of the post-hardcore genre.
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