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Pop - Released June 29, 2017 | Some Bizzare


Electronic/Dance - Released May 31, 2017 | Some Bizzare


Pop - Released May 31, 1982 | Some Bizzare


Pop - Released May 20, 1990 | Some Bizzare

This would seem, at least by the title, that this would be a perfect Soft Cell collection, since it has the group's singles. Thing is, most of these are remixes and reworkings from 1991, not the original recordings, which means it's hardly of interest to the audience who just wants the original versions of Soft Cell's greatest moments. It's passable, to a certain extent, since it has the songs, but it's better to hold out for a collection that contains the real deal. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Electronic/Dance - Released January 5, 1983 | Some Bizzare

While it has some mediocre moments, this tense, quirky release also has some magnificent outings, including the epic "Martin" (based on the obscure George Romero psycho/vampire movie), a cut that was originally included on a bonus 12", and the relentless title cut. Not as cheap or sleazy in its sound as Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret, the album was still prone to melodramatic writing and performance. By all means, miss the "Hendrix Medley," another bonus cut. ~ Steven McDonald

Pop - Released May 31, 1980 | Some Bizzare

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