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Silvia Salemi

As a child, Italian pop singer Silvia Salemi used to dream about becoming a star. While attending Palazzolo's university, the artist learned how to combine her passion for music and studies. In 1995, Silvia Salemi came in first place at Castrocaro's Festival with a song called "Con Questo Sentimento," recording her self-titled debut album in 1996, followed by Silvia Salemi a year later. The singer's first experience in a band was a Sicilian rock group called Hot Stuff. At the age of 18, the enthusiastic young woman decided to move to Rome, looking for better opportunities for her singing career. In 1997, Silvia Salemi participated in a compilation called Un Disco Per L'Estate with her song "Stai Con Me Stanotte"; that same year she had the chance to become the opening act for Simple Minds. After releasing 1999's Caotica, the artist had an inspiring time while traveling around the Caribbean and England, writing songs for 2000's L'Arancia.
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