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One of the best-known female artists in the children's genre, Rory has made an impact in music, video, and television. Her parent-friendly pop style has opened doors for her preschool music, and made her a very recognizable face on television's Discovery Channel. The daughter of a big-band singer, Rory studied voice while growing up in Washington, D.C. She continued her studies at the University of Maryland, and considered becoming a music therapist, but performing was in her genes. She worked as a pop vocalist for ten years, specializing in commercial jingles. After becoming a parent, Rory decided to bring her pop stylings to the kids' genre. In 1989, she released her first album I'm Just a Kid on her own label, Roar Music. The album was full of original kid-centered songs by Rory and her collaborator, Tom Guernsey, including "The Incredible Piglets" and "The Ballad of Mr. Toad." I'm Just a Kid received a Parent's Choice Award. Rory's second album, Make Believe Day, was released in 1990. In 1992, Rory signed with SonyKids Music and released an album of musical comedy tunes, Rory's Little Broadway. About that same time, Rory became a host of Ready Set Learn, the preschool section of the Discovery Channel. With her fresh, daily exposure on television, Rory's music sales increased. In the later part of the '90s, Rory concentrated on her television career, and kept up a modest concert schedule on the East Coast.
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