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Electronic/Dance - Released September 28, 2018 | City Slang


Electronic/Dance - Released August 19, 2016 | City Slang

Roosevelt is Marius Lauber, who leant the sensibilities of both his indie rock background and the techno scene of his adopted base of Cologne, Germany to his debut single, "Sea," released in 2012. That song, with its grooving, summery flow, brought him to the attention of labels. The tune appears here on his eponymous Roosevelt debut, released by City Slang and Greco-Roman, which is co-owned by Joe Goddard of Hot Chip. The album's techno-infused indie pop manages to incorporate dance tropes (four on the floor, '80s Casio tones, occasional tropical instruments, etc.) without turning out mere style exercises. Beats, grooves, and melodic hooks get swept up in a breeze that lingers over pop forms -- for the most part. Exception "Daytona" is an airy EDM instrumental that serves as an intro to the pulsing and poppier "Fever." A catchy album highlight, "Heart" recalls '80s Britain with its wistful synth pop ("When your heart wears out/I'll be always there when your heart wears out"). A cosmopolitan effort that seems to reflect sounds of London, Brooklyn, and Scandinavia, among others, Roosevelt is hard to place geographically without prior knowledge, even given his country's important influence on him. That, along with the LP's ride-the-surf flow, adds to its approachability. At the same time, it doesn't have the kind of hooks that are going to reach out and snag ears: "Colours" is a punchier entry with syncopated electric piano chords, funky bassline, and rhythm guitar, and "Belong" could be a lost early Pet Shop Boys track. There's some disco on board, too, but it's still blended into Lauber's mosaics. On the whole, while the album lacks a certain distinctiveness (Lauber's vocals mostly blend, too), there's strength in its solid core and easygoing vibe. ~ Marcy Donelson

Electronic/Dance - Released September 19, 2018 | City Slang

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Electronic/Dance - Released September 5, 2018 | City Slang


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