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Classical - Released September 10, 2015 | harmonia mundi

Distinctions 4 étoiles Classica
In 1986, harmonia mundi released an album of three vinyl records presenting the complete works of Robert de Visée, just three hundred years after the publication of his second "Livre pour la guittare dédié au Roy". This was a considerable event for all fans of the work of this player of the guitar, lute, theorbo and most probably the viola da gamba. A composer at the court of Louis XIV, to whom he taught the guitar, de Visée had not yet been the subject of in-depth research.These three discs of dances were grouped in "Suites" or by key. Their phrasing, accents and tempi are subject to a remarkable study and cross-referenced against the choreography of the period. They represented a considerable contribution to the heritage of the instrument and of early music in general.Born in France to a family of Spanish Republicans, Rafael Andia has left his mark, both in terms of contemporary music and in terms of exploring Baroque music for his instrument, of which he has done much to raise the profile. For this recording, he uses a Charles Besnainou guitar copied from an old model, strung entirely with bare gut, a simple E-string and the D-string on the thumb side, which allow the performer to obtain a rounded sound that does nothing to hamper the brilliance of his playing. © François Hudry/Qobuz

Classical - Released September 2, 2013 | Solstice


Classical - Released January 15, 2008 | harmonia mundi