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Niklas Paschburg

A native of Hamburg, Germany, pianist and composer Niklas Paschburg creates pastoral instrumental music that blends warm acoustic tones with electronic ambience. Much like fellow Germans Nils Frahm and Hauschka, Paschburg's music is greatly imbued by a sense of place and is inspired by elements of weather and nature. His debut full-length, the meditative Oceanic, appeared in 2018, and he collaborated with Lamb's Andy Barlow on the 2020 follow-up, Svalbard. He continued to fuse post-classical, pop, and electronic music on 2023's Panta Rhei. After debuting in 2014 with the pulsing single "Dawn," he made a more formal release with 2016's six-track Tuur Mang Welten EP on the Unperceived Records imprint. Paschburg eventually earned a deal with Berlin label !K7, and in early 2018, he released his first full-length recording, Oceanic. The single "Blooming (in C Minor)," an interpretation of Bach's "Preludes in C Minor," appeared in 2019. Paschburg composed his next album in Norway, then worked with Andy Barlow of U.K. duo Lamb in order to fully realize the work. Svalbard arrived in 2020 and was followed by several remixes and remakes, which were compiled on 2021's Post-Svalbard. Paschburg additionally released several non-album tracks, including "Synchronised Valve," which appeared on Deutsche Grammophon, and 2022's "Riva," a collaboration with Frank Wiedemann (Âme, Howling). Paschburg's third full-length, Panta Rhei, was released in 2023. The contemplative yet playful album included appearances by guest vocalists luìsa, Bianca Steck, and Kaktus Einarsson.
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