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Niji no Conquistador

Niji No Conquistador are an all-female J-pop band made up of two groups, a Red Team now comprising singers Nagi Nemoto, Akati Nakamura, Karin Matoba, Moe Tsurumi and Ao Yamato and a Blue Team now with singers Nana Yamasaki, Ayame Okada, Riko Shimizu, Airi Hiruta, Miyu Kataoka, Marina Kunmamoto and Rio Yamamoto. They perform internationally and in 2016 some members appeared at Japan Festival Mississauga 2016 in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. They also have their own channel on YouTube. They released their first album, 'Rainbow Spectrum', in 2015 followed by 'Rainbow Eclipse' (2016), 'Rainbow Phenomenon' (2018) and 'The Best of Rainbow' (2018). Singles include 'Zutto Summer De Koishiteru', which went to number 18 on Billboard's Japan Hot 100, and in July 2019 they released 'Ai Wo Kokoro Ni Summer To Kzeoeyoh!' with three tracks including the title track plus 'Waiting Wedding' and 'Japonijifes' and accompanying videos.
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