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Jazz - Released October 30, 2020 | ACT Music

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Raised in Northern France, Nesrine Belmokh (who has Algerian roots) rapidly burst onto the scene armed with her cello and smooth vocals. Her journey has seen her be a part of Daniel Barenboim’s West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, the Valencia Opera and the Théâtre du Soleil before moving onto more personal projects. In 2018, her trio Nes, formed with cellist Matthieu Saglio and percussionist David Gadea, was widely praised. Today, Nesrine Belmokh performs her multifaceted music under her own name. This album presents North African-inspired songs written by her mother Leïla Guinoun (Rissala, Rimitti and Mumkin), French poetic professions of faith (Elle) and English-language songs that spin a delicate tapestry of raï, jazz, arabic-andalusian, soul. Her music is primarily international in sound. Her polymorphous cello and confident vocals, which alternate between Lauryn Hill, Diana Ross and Joni Mitchell, are all well accompanied by Vincent Huma’s guitar (also coproducer), Swaeli Mbappe’s ondulant bass, David Gadea’s clever percussion and vocals from family-members Manel and Irène Belmokh. © Benjamin MiNiMuM/Qobuz

World - Released February 19, 2021 | Sissol_Production