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Electronic/Dance - Released October 19, 2018 | Neneh Cherry

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She’s done punk, hip-hop, trip hop and electro… As soon as there’s a bust-up, Neneh Cherry is always there, right in the heart of the action! In 2014, with her album Blank Project, she couldn’t be faulted for playing the opportunistic comeback card. The Swedish stepdaughter of the great jazz trumpeter Don Cherry celebrated her fiftieth birthday by offering her songs to the master of electro-jazz Kieran Hebden, a.k.a. Four Tet, who sewed her a stunning sonic patchwork. Her vocals weave themselves into Hebden’s strange and fascinating textures, a kind of tribal and futuristic soul that dares to embrace trip hop, ethnic music and even pure experimental music... Four years later, Four Tet lends his genius once again to some of the tracks on Broken Politics, Neneh Cherry's fifth album. He is even joined by 3D from Massive Attack, with whom Neneh Cherry had worked with on the album Blue Lines in 1991. But this 2018 vintage album offers much more soul than the ones that came before it, with an added touch of melancholy. Through her lyrics, Neneh Cherry raises her fist in the air. She tackles the migrant crisis, women’s status in society and extremism of all kinds with some of her most politically charged songs to date, dressed in a kind of electro-soul blues. Languid on the outside and angry on the inside, Broken Politics is above all the work of an exciting artist who’s not ready to be caged up any time soon. © Marc Zisman/Qobuz

Rap/Hip-Hop - Released January 1, 1996 | Circa

Neneh Cherry, the critically acclaimed singer/songwriter and "rapstress" who burst onto the scene in 1989 with the mega-hit "Buffalo Stance," did not even see the release of her third album, Man, in the United States. This set differs from her previous efforts in that there is absolutely no rap to be found anywhere on the disc, and all of the songs are slow-burning, midtempo alt-rock numbers, as opposed to anything remotely resembling dance or rap (though there are some hip-hop styled beats). There are really no immediate hits on this album, although it includes the international chart-topping duet with Youssou N'Dour, "7 Seconds," as well as several other highlights, including "Woman," "Hornbeam," and "Everything." Also included here is a tribute cover she recorded of Marvin Gaye's "Trouble Man." The album is a high-quality collection of alt-rock womens' anthems, at times bluesy, at times folksy, and much more akin to her previous rock-leaning effort Homebrew than her breakthrough Raw Like Sushi. The songs have an organic, earthy feel, in tune with the Lilith Fair alternative-style musical movement going on at the time. A good deal of alterna-sexual references are found, especially considering some of the song titles (first single "Kootchi" and "Beastiality," to mention two). A solid album, but definitely not very commercial. Still, it should have been given a chance in the U.S. market, especially given her previous track record. ~ Jose F. Promis

Electronic/Dance - Released August 1, 2018 | Neneh Cherry


Electronic/Dance - Released August 30, 2018 | Neneh Cherry


Rap/Hip-Hop - Released January 1, 1989 | Circa

Those arguing that the most individualistic R&B and dance music of the late '80s and early to mid-'90s came out of Britain could point to Neneh Cherry's unconventional Raw Like Sushi as a shining example. An unorthodox and brilliantly daring blend of R&B, rap, pop, and dance music, Sushi enjoyed little exposure on America's conservative urban contemporary radio formats, but was a definite underground hit. Full of personality, the singer/rapper is as thought-provoking as she is witty and humorous when addressing relationships and taking aim at less-than-kosher behavior of males and females alike. Macho homeboys and Casanovas take a pounding on "So Here I Come" and the hit "Buffalo Stance," while women who are shallow, cold-hearted, or materialistic get lambasted on "Phoney Ladies," "Heart," and "Inna City Mamma." Cherry's idealism comes through loud and clear on "The Next Generation," a plea to take responsibility for one's sexual actions and give children the respect and attention they deserve. ~ Alex Henderson

R&B - Released January 1, 1996 | Circa


Electronic/Dance - Released October 16, 2018 | Neneh Cherry


Electronic/Dance - Released October 16, 2018 | Neneh Cherry

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