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Chamber Music - Released April 13, 2018 | Groupe Analekta, Inc

Although it was Kuhlau's works for flute that won him a place in history, the German-Danish composer was always a pianist first and foremost; and in his lifetime he was very famous for about half-a-dozen operas, an ample repertoire for solo piano, and his rather more Beethovian concertos. We know a good number of pieces for flute (of around 130 numbered works, around 30 are flute-piano duets!) like Sonatas for piano with flute accompaniment, clearly a means of not scaring off amateur flautists from buying his scores... In reality, in these sonatas, the two instruments are given music of equal difficulty. In them, we find everything that once delighted musicians playing in the nook of their parlours: airs, variations, fantasias, rondeaux, all in an air of solid and delicately ornamented virtuosity. The reader will not miss, in these two sonatas published in 1826, the powerful influence of Ludwig van; or indeed the more unique influence of Weber, whose Trio for flute, piano and cello gave a little fillip to Kuhlau. Erin Helyard plays fortepiano; and Mika Putterma plays a flute typical of the German romantic period. © SM/Qobuz

Classical - Released July 20, 2015 | SOLAL

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