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Mette Henriette

Mette Henriette is a Norwegian saxophonist and composer who emerged as a talent during her teens. She has become an integral part of her country's improvisational and modern classical scenes. She has collaborated with many musicians including Sidsel Endresen, Marina Abramovic, and Tim Berne, and was a member of Torg. She signed to ECM and issued her self-titled debut in 2015, recorded with a trio and a 13-piece orchestra. Drifting, her sophomore recording for ECM, featured her in trio with cellist Judith Harman and pianist Johann Lindval. Born Mette Henriette Martedatter Rølvåg in 1990, she hails from Trondheim; her family heritage is indigenous Samí. Her first instrument was trumpet learned and played in elementary school marching band; she switched to saxophone at age 12. She holds a Bachelor's degree from Norway Music Academy in Oslo, and studied Improvisational Music in the United States at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Henriette has collaborated with a wide range of artists and musicians including Christian Wallumrød and Karin Krog in Europe, and Tom Rainey, and Jim Black in the U.S. as well as those mentioned above. She has composed music for Ultima Contemporary Music Festival, Rikskonsertene, and the Cikada Quartet. She was part of the Aella trio with saxophonist Patrick Breiner and drummer Max Goldman; their self-titled offering appeared in 2012 on 577 Records. In 2014, she received Norway's Geir Digernes Memorial award at Moldejazz. She is also part of the large Norwegian ensemble Torg, whose 2015 Jazzland album Kost/Elak/Gnäll, was produced by Bugge Wesseltoft. By chance, ECM's Manfred Eicher met Henriette at a Dino Saluzzi concert in Oslo. Working at the city's Rainbow Studio at the time, at his suggestion she brought him tapes of her music. He signed her. Recorded over two months in 2014 with two different ensembles -- a trio and 13-piece orchestra -- her Eicher-produced self-titled debut appeared to global critical acclaim in November 2015. Henriette spent the next several years writing and performing commissions, and working with a trio that included pianist Johann Lindval -- who appeared on her debut -- and celebrated Australian cellist Judith Harman. She assembled them in Oslo's Munich Museum for initial recording sessions, then completed an album album Studios La Buissonne in close collaboration with producer Manfred Eicher. The second set, titled Drifting was released in January 2023.
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