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Alternative & Indie - Released September 13, 2019 | Because Music

Joseph Mount, aka the brains behind Metronomy, wrote their new 2019 album all by himself in the English countryside. It comes three years after Summer 08 and ten years after Nights Out, the album that first unveiled the band to Europe and which was re-issued in February 2019 with an assortment of unreleased demos and B-sides. Although nights out are a thing of the past for Joseph Mount since he left Paris to settle down with his children in the countryside, he still manages to conjure up that same feeling of drinking and dancing on a warm summers evening in this new album. The sneak previews that he had been dropping since springtime in anticipation of the album also seemed to follow the same timeless style, notably on Salted Caramel Ice Cream with its retro synth, as well as Lately and Wedding Bells. The rest of this jam-packed album (with a whopping 17 tracks) has a mix of electro, rock, pop, funk and even deep house (like in Miracle Rooftop), with plenty of hits that will get you up on your feet. But is it enough to get Metronomy into the realm of Blur, Oasis and Elastica? Joseph Mount certainly hopes so as he revealed in an interview with the English press that he is saddened about how the band is not as well-known in his own country, “At what point do you become embraced by the country? You’re stood behind a window, waving frantically. 'We’re here! We’ve been here for ages! Let us in’. And all the time, you see people coming and going and people held up, and you’re… still there. [..] Its only at the very end of your career that they’re like ‘Oh yes, great band. I’ve always liked them’, which is a shame”. © Smaël Bouaici/Qobuz
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