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Martin Frawley

Best-known for his work as co-leader of Australian indie band Twerps, singer/songwriter Martin Frawley and his group earned international exposure plus critical accolades for their melodic jangle-pop and charming lo-fi aesthetic. Following a pair of well-received releases in 2011 and 2015, Twerps disbanded and Frawley launched his own career with the 2019 solo album, Undone at 31. Frawley helped form Twerps in 2008, and the the band's pleasantly ramshackle noise-pop helped them become a fixture of the Melbourne indie scene over the next few years. Heavily influenced by the Kiwi jangle-pop sounds of classic Flying Nun bands, Frawley and co-leader Julia McFarlane guided Twerps through two full-length releases. First came 2011's self-titled album, which broke them to a global audience, then its 2015 follow-up Range Anxiety built on that foundation in terms of artistic quality. Over the next couple of years, however, Frawley and McFarlane's romantic relationship hit the rocks and their ensuing breakup also served to end the band. Reeling from the sudden bevy of life changes, Frawley managed to navigate the wreckage and turn his journey into a new batch of songs, which he recorded with the help of producer Stewart Bronaugh (Angel Olsen, Lionlimb). Signing a solo deal with Twerps' previous label, Merge Records, Frawley released his solo debut, Undone at 31, in February 2019.
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