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Maria Chiara Argiró

Maria Chiara Argirò is an adventurous pianist and composer whose work branches out from jazz into folk, art-pop, and electronic music. She made her solo debut with 2016's mainly acoustic-based The Fall Dance, then continued expanding her sound with her successive releases, embracing house and atmospheric indie rock on 2022's Forest City. Born in Rome, Maria Chiara Argirò started taking classical piano lessons as a child, but became enamored with jazz as a teenager, additionally falling in love with artists such as Pink Floyd and Nick Drake. She studied at the London Centre of Contemporary Music and Middlesex University, and extensively toured and recorded with groups such as These New Puritans and Kinkajous. Her first album, The Fall Dance, was released by Odradek Records in 2016. The album's vocalist, Leila Martial, returned for 2019's Hidden Seas, issued by Cavalo Records, the label Argirò co-founded with frequent collaborator Liran Donin. Flow, a collaboration with guitarist Jamie Leeming, appeared in 2020. Argirò radically shifted her sound for her 2022 Innovative Leisure full-length Forest City, a more electronic record influenced by house and trip-hop, featuring the composer's own vocals for the first time.
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