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Pop/Rock - Released May 31, 2019 | Play It Again Sam

This recording of a concert performed at the National Concert Hall in Dublin in October 2018 begins with two tracks from her third album, At Swim (2016). The performance has the effect of a waking dream in which she expresses a little joie de vivre and a great deal of pain. In this live recording, the singer reinforces the dreaminess of her songs with not only the intrinsic magic of this concert, but also subtly iridescent arrangements. The contemporary classical orchestra s t a r g a z e, led by German conductor Andre de Ridder, accompanies Hannigan on this sparkling and hypnotic journey. Lisa Hannigan’s two other studio albums are also well represented, in particular through the ray of sunshine Lille and the poignant waltz Nowhere to go taken from Sea Sew (2008) and Passenger (2011) respectively. Although Lisa Hannigan’s charming folk remains beautiful and ever-present in these reworkings of her great songs, the contribution of s t a r g a z e brings a color that works to profoundly universalize the style and direction of Damien Rice’s old associate. This Live in Dublin rarely diverges from the ethereal ambiance that was created by the original orchestration (and indeed the soft and vibrant voice of the singer), even though the distinct pace of the album is often broken up by more energetic tunes in which rhythm plays an important role (Swan, A Sail, Lo). The album includes a striking reimagining of Only You by The Platter (Prayer for the dying), as well as the all-new track (Bookmark), in which the melancholic and majestic melody reaches emotional heights. © Nicolas Magenham/Qobuz

Pop - Released July 30, 2012 | Play It Again Sam

Debut album from rising young Irish singer/songwriter probably best known to British audiences for her vocal performances on records by her fellow countryman Damien Rice. Hannigan's quirky, literate, acoustic folk-pop, rich with the backing of strings, brass, and glockenspiel, is more upbeat than Rice's, and is comparable to the work of Kathryn Williams and Juliet Turner. This self-produced debut has garnered several award nominations and substantial praise both in her homeland and in the U.S.

Alternative & Indie - Released January 1, 2011 | ATO RECORDS


Pop - Released April 6, 2018 | ATO RECORDS


Pop - Released April 3, 2017 | Play It Again Sam


Pop - Released March 9, 2018 | ATO RECORDS