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Alternative & Indie - Released September 21, 2018 | InFiné

Crave is the debut of French musician Léonie Pernet, who spent ten years as a touring bandmember, DJ, arranger, film composer, and emerging solo artist before endeavoring to write and produce her first full album. While a prior EP previewed the deadpan vocal delivery and experimental edge to Pernet's atmospheric indie electronica -- then centered around electronic keyboards, piano, and live rock drums -- Crave relies on danceable beats and reveals a more cinematic and cosmopolitan synth pop. To the latter point, English, French, and Arabic are on the album, which includes songs titles like "African Melancholia" and "Auaati." The latter features rumbling synth bass, atmospheric keys, hand percussion, and Arabic psalms sung by Rikk Hanaa Ouassim. Pernet handles most of the rest of the album's vocals, at least the lead ones, but further borrows lyrics from the poetry of François de Malherbe ("Rose") and from Marguerite Duras on a cover of Carlos d'Alessio's "India Song," from Duras' 1975 film of the same name. Tracks like "Butterfly" and "Nancy" present a more straightforward, post-punk-flavored album core. A onetime touring percussionist for Yuksek, Pernet's arrangements highlight rhythm and textured percussion in addition to programmed drums, which all contribute to the Crave's off-balance, anxious tone. The album is nocturnal and sometimes confrontational but has the intangible coolness of many of Pernet's French film idol inspirations, making for an intriguing debut. ~ Marcy Donelson

House - Released January 22, 2019 | InFiné


House - Released March 1, 2019 | InFiné