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Electronic/Dance - Released July 26, 2019 | Nettwerk Records

Three years after the release of Leisure, the 5 New-Zealanders have come out with a second album called Twister. Whether that’s a reference to the life-size board game or the cocktail, its meaning seems clear enough: get ready to move! Leisure’s grooves are a bit of everything, which they willingfully admit: “One of the most important things for us is to continue doing music and not have any boundaries”. R&B, psychedelic leads, snappy, tight harmonies are on an equal footing with dance, synth-pop and retro beats. Bass is on the forefront here, not necessarily in terms of volume or frequencies but in terms of how much melodicity is allowed. On tracks such as Money or tied Up, the instrument’s natural character, with its attack and texture makes the music sound all that more familiar and relaxing. They’re musicians as much as they are producers, songs like On My Mind prove that they can work as a “traditional” band just as well; other songs like Lover’s Maze convey sensual romantic fantasies without crossing the line to vulgarity and excess sexualization. One of the band’s biggest strengths is probably that they have complete control over the creative process, from songwriting to performance and mixing. The result is a five-man squad that sounds incredibly at ease with each other. They’re right where they need to be, which makes them one of the coolest bands on earth – and you’re invited to their house party!  © Alexis Renaudat/Qobuz

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