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Jazz - Released March 1, 2013 | Jazz Village

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Jazz - Released October 20, 2017 | Jazz Village

Since From There To Here, his first disc as a leader released in 1998, Kyle Eastwood has had time to make a… well, a first name for himself. Taken to jazz concerts by his renowned father from an early age, the American bass player knows his classics (hard bop forever!) and has managed to make them his own and create his own musical language. Recorded in April 2017 at the Studio Sextant La Fonderie in Malakoff, France, by sound engineer Vincent Mahey, In Transit represents a straight continuation of his art. With true accomplices (pianist Andrew McCormack and trumpet player Quentin Collins have been there for almost twelve years, while saxophonist Brandon Allen, part of the quintet adventure since Timepieces, gives the impression of having been there since the beginning), Eastwood pens here a very mature disc, despite its apparent simplicity. Covers of standards (Count Basie’s (Blues In Hoss’ Flat, Charles Mingus’ Boogie Stop Shuffle), of less conventional pieces (Monk’s We See) and original compositions, the bass player makes here the decision to play music both personal and anonymous, current and timeless, spontaneous in its expression and in line with a certain jazz heritage. Invited on four tracks (among which the beautiful Love Theme from the movie Cinema Paradiso composed by Ennio Morricone), the great Italian saxophonist Stefano Di Battista enriches the sound of the formation with the incandescent lyricism of his generous style based on a complete physical and emotional involvement. A way for Kyle Eastwood to prove to skeptics that juggling with a jazz heritage like this and original compositions can give birth, time and again, to very lively music. Finally, with this disc of a rare elegance, we understand that it’s jazz itself that’s in transit. And ad vitam aeternam… © CM/Qobuz

Jazz - Released April 20, 2015 | Jazz Village

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Jazz - Released December 15, 2016 | Candid Productions Ltd.


Jazz - Released September 29, 2017 | Jazz Village


Jazz - Released August 25, 2017 | Jazz Village


Jazz - Released October 24, 2008 | Rendezvous Music


Jazz - Released August 30, 2011 | Rendezvous Music


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