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Metal - Released May 10, 2011 | Epic - Legacy


Metal - Released November 16, 2004 | Epic - Legacy


Rock - Released January 1, 1996 | Epic - Legacy

"A.D.I.D.A.S." -- a kinetic funk-metal track allegedly built around the schoolyard acronym "All Day I Dream About Sex" -- was Korn's breakthrough single, and deservedly so -- it was arguably the best moment on their debut album. For its U.S. single release, it was presented in three different mixes -- "Synchro Dub," "Under Pressure Mix," "Wet Dream Mix" -- along with "Wicked (Tear the Roof Off Mix)." Instead of demonstrating the suppleness of Korn's grooves, these mixes tend to emphasize their disavowed metallic roots, but they're often interesting and may be worth the time of hardcore fans. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Rock - Released June 11, 2002 | Epic - Legacy


Rock - Released July 18, 1998 | Epic - Legacy


Rock - Released January 1, 1998 | Epic - Legacy

The Australian single for "Freak on a Leash" contains the video for the song as a CD-ROM. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Pop - Released November 7, 1997 | Epic - Legacy

Good God: French Remixes is an EP of remixes released only in France. Since few of these remixes are interesting and most are available on various singles, this EP is only worthwhile for hardcore collectors who are as interested in collecting items as they are in collecting music. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Rock - Released July 15, 2002 | Epic - Legacy


Pop - Released June 30, 1995 | Epic - Legacy


Pop - Released February 1, 2000 | Epic - Legacy


Rock - Released October 28, 1999 | Epic - Legacy


Rock - Released November 23, 1998 | Epic - Legacy

"Got the Life" was the first single from Korn's third album, Follow the Leader, and it rivaled such previous masterworks as "A.D.I.D.A.S." and "Shoots and Ladders." Their fusion of metal and rap was stronger than ever, boasting their best rhythm tracks to date. Which is good, since the B-sides of the "Got the Life" singles were devoted to remixes. The first part of the two-part U.K. single contained the original album version, plus the "Deejay Punk-Rock Remix" and the instrumental "D.O.S.E.'s Woollyback Remix," and these were also featured on the U.S. single. The "Deejay Punk-Roc Remix" is pretty good, but the instrumental is of negligible worth. The second part of the single is backed with "I Can Remember" plus "Good God (OOMPH! vs. Such A Surge Remix)," neither of which are particular memorable. Still, both parts are of interest to hardcore collectors, and they're probably preferable to the U.S. single, since the packaging is nice and they contain more B-sides than its American counterpart. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine


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