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Pop - Released February 1, 2019 | Label 6&7

Kimberose for “Kimberly ose”, meaning Kimberly dares. A pure product of the Parisian suburbs, Kimberose is a dazzling new band built around Kimberly Kitson Mills, a formerly shy singer with English and Ghanaian origins. Exorcising its singer’s wounds, opened by her father’s death, in a soul directly borrowed from Amy Winehouse, Kimberose puts out 11 intimate tracks of surprising homogeneity and incredibly hushed minimalism, paced by rather sparse keyboards, drums and guitars that put emphasis on the voice. That hoarse, harrowing, but ever so warm voice of the greatest singers of soul and jazz. With Chapter One, Kimberly might very well walk in the footsteps of legends. Only time will tell. © Charlotte Saintoin/Qobuz

Pop - Released November 28, 2018 | Label 6&7