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Jacques Duvall

b. Erik Verwilghen, 1 August 1952, Schaerbeek, Bruxelles, Belgium. A noted lyricist and occasional performing artist, Duvall first attracted widespread attention through his role in the rise in popularity of the Belgian-Portuguese singer Lio (b. Wanda Ribeiro de Vasconcelos, 17 June 1962, Mangualde, Portugal). Until then Lio had collaborated with songwriter Eric Dierks-Hagen, and with the arrival of Duvall, another Belgian songwriter, Jay Alanski, and singer-producer-composer Alain Chamfort, the singer exploded on the European pop scene. Among Lio’s hits composed by Duvall and Alanski were ‘Le Banana Split’, ‘Fallait Pas Commencer’, ‘Je Casse Tout Ce Que Je Touche’ and ‘Les Brunes Comptent Pas Pour Des Prunes’. Duvall also co-composed some songs in Lio’s repertoire with Marie Darieussecq. Other artists and groups who have performed and frequently recorded songs co-composed by Duvall include Duvall himself, Chamfort, Jane Birkin (who had success with ‘T’as Pas Le Droit D’Avoir Plus Mal Que Moi’, lyrics by Duvall, music by Jean-Noël Chaléat), Jeff Bodart, Étienne Daho, Lisa Ekdahl, Enzo Enzo, Marc LaVoine, Viktor Laszlo, Sandra Lou, Helena Noguerra, Joseph Racaille, Pierre Rapsat, Charline Rose, Runaways, Sparks, Telex, Arnold Turboust, Le Ukulele Club De Paris, and Sammy Willcox. In the early 00s, the by now reclusive Duvall showed his awareness of the contemporary scene by agreeing to appear on an album by Phantom, a Belgian garage band consisting of Benjamin Schoos, Sophie Galet and Pascal Scalp. For this session, Duvall, billed as mumbler rather than singer, resurrected some unsuccessful lyrics from years before for an entertaining outing.
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