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Infinity Shred

Brooklyn-based group Infinity Shred create epic stargazing instrumentals combining elements of chiptune, post-rock, and sci-fi soundtracks. The band evolved out of Starscream, a chiptune duo consisting of programmer Damon Hardjowirogo and drummer George Stroud. Following a few releases, including the 2009 EP Future, and It Doesn't Work (on the 8bitpeoples netlabel) and a split 7" with Anamanaguchi, easily the chiptune scene's biggest stars, Starscream self-released their debut LP, Future, Towards the Edge of Forever, in 2011. Featuring contributions by guitarist Nathan Ritholz and bassist Kotaro Tsukada, the album was heavier and more ambitious than their prior work. Forced to change their name for legal reasons, Starscream became Infinity Shred (after the subtitle of one of their album's tracks), and included Ritholz as a full-time member. Following 2012's EP 001 (Gnar Dream), Infinity Shred's full-length debut, Sanctuary, was released by Paracadute in 2013. Stroud left the band and moved to Berlin shortly after the album's release, and Clara Warnaar became the band's new drummer in 2015. Infinity Shred returned in late 2016 with Long Distance (released by Adafruit), a more aggressive album influenced by metal and progressive trance. The remix album Even Further followed in 2017, issued by Zoom Lens.
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