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Vocal Jazz - Released December 1, 2017 | Fire Records

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One year after Giant Sand was put to bed, the faithful and prolific leader Howe Gelb carried on down the classy and experimental route. Martinis and blue smoke evaporate from Further Standards, an intensification of the preceding Future Standards from which he took the compositions back to the studio or the stage. We also find two new tracks here; Presumptuous and All You Need To Know to open the album. But the real added value of the work resides in the omnipresence of Lonna Kelly, who has already appeared on Terribly So, A Book You’ve Read Before and even Blurry Blue Mountain (2010) with Giant Sand. On the guitar, we find Naïm Amor, Thøger Lund on the bass and Andrew Collberg on the drums. Within the atmosphere of a hushed club that’s frozen in the 1940/50s with Nat King Cole and Hoagy Carmichael, the throaty voice of the Tuscan prince finds a notable echo in Kelly’s whispered and velvety vocals. Vulnerable and cavalier, these evocations of antagonizing love should be consumed at nightfall. With moderation. © CS/Qobuz

Jazz - Released December 16, 2016 | Fire Records

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