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A nervy post-punk outfit from Brooklyn, Geese made an improbable rise from local high school rockers to internationally supported buzz band in just a few short years. After graduation, the band's intricate home-recorded singles suddenly attracted a slew of high-profile record labels; they ultimately signed a joint U.K./U.S. deal with PIAS and Partisan, which led to the release of their eclectic 2021 debut, Projector. To even stranger effect, their sophomore album, 2023's 3D Country, injected their skewed post-punk with doses of '70s classic rock. Raised on a panoply of influences from Television to Yes, childhood friends Gus Green (guitar), Max Bassin (drums), and Cameron Winter (vocals, keyboards) met up with Dominic DiGesu (bass) and Foster Hudson (guitar) during their freshman year of high school. Geese spent their high school years in the late 2010s crafting a frenetic, guitar-driven sound that mixed spiky post-punk with psychedelic and prog-rock influences, all filtered through a distinctly New York lens. Just after graduation, they uploaded a handful of home-recorded tracks and were surprised by the almost immediate positive response. Geese admitted that they would most likely have disbanded after high school, as several members had been accepted at high-profile colleges around the country. Instead, they found themselves fielding label offers from an array of top-notch indies. They settled with the powerful combo of PIAS in the U.K. and the New York-based Partisan in the U.S. Buzz built quickly, and after a sold-out Brooklyn show and festival appearance in Atlanta, they released their debut album, Projector, in October 2021. In early 2023, singles like "Cowboy Nudes" and the title track foreshadowed the fragments of '70s-styled classic rock that would make appearances on the even more oddball follow-up, June's 3D Country. It was co-produced by the band and James Ford (Arctic Monkeys, Gorillaz).
© Timothy Monger & Marcy Donelson /TiVo
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