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Alternative & Indie - Released October 18, 2019 | [PIAS] Le Label

Flavia Coelho’s DNA is wonderfully varied. It’s largely made up of Brazil, her birthplace which has clearly influenced her sunny disposition and sparkling melodies. Her natural groove comes from her ancestral Africa, which has radiated out to the rest of the planet (from the Congolese scents in Billy Django, to the Latin American flavours in DNA and Menino Menina, through to the traces of reggaeton in Lavanta Dai). We also find the sensual nonchalance of Jamaican rhythms (De Novo de Novo, Vem Chamegar, Nosso Amor, Manda a Boa), traces of hip-hop (Cidade Perdida, Pagina) and a whole lot of creativity. Throughout the album she performs the hybrid tracks with a stunning confidence. Surrounded by her loyal friends (Victor Vagh-Weinmann on production and Tom Fire on mixing), Flavia Coelho brings her joyful and easy-going personality to this new album. © Benjamin MiNiMuM/Qobuz


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