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Pop - Released November 14, 2000 | CM ANGEL (A91)

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Fisher is perhaps best know as being one of the first groups to successfully use the internet to market their music. The duo, composed of Rob Wasserman and wife Kathy Fisher, posted a few songs on their website. From there, one of their tracks made its way onto the Great Expectations movie soundtrack, and the duet was the only unsigned band to play at Lilith Fair. Listening to their debut, True North, it's easy to see how Fisher managed to stand out among the countless other groups posting their music online. Fisher and Wasserman are accomplished songwriters, and their single, "I Will Love You," is a surprisingly powerful ballad, filled with sweetness and regret. Tracks like "Breakable" and "Hello It's Me" prove that this group deserves an audience that goes beyond the Internet and into the mainstream. © Jon Azpiri /TiVo