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Tango - Released November 21, 2018 | Ruta Records


Bossa Nova & Brazil - Released February 9, 2010 | world village


World - Released January 14, 2008 | Nonesuch

On his 2008 Nonesuch Records debut, Argentine pianist/composer Fernando Otero deftly blends elements of jazz and classical music into a foundation of tango, making for a highly inventive and engaging sound. Many of Otero's pieces feature emotive violin and cello lines, bringing to mind the Kronos Quartet (see the tense "De Ahora En Mas"), yet his subtle piano work and the frequent presence of the bandoneon, a Latin instrument somewhat similar to the accordion, give the tracks a more peaceful and playful feel (the swaying "Musica De Circo"). By carefully balancing the avant-garde and the accessible, Otero has positioned himself as an artist to watch.