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Reggae - Released March 8, 2018 | Tad’s International

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Reggae - Released February 4, 2011 | VP Records

3 stars out of 5 -- "[A] nice mix....All sung impeccably by one of JA's favourite female vocalists."

Reggae - Released March 30, 2009 | VP Records

Etana's embrace of roots reggae came in the wake of her abrupt departure from a U.S.-based female vocal group in which she was expected to dress and act in ways that she found inappropriate and immodest. Returning to her home outside of Kingston, Jamaica, she adopted Rastafarianism and eventually immersed herself in a solo career. Her debut album is an impressive set of modern roots compositions that nicely balances smooth production, danceable beats, conscious lyrics, and startlingly beautiful singing. She has very quickly attracted top-notch help: the backing musicians on The Strong One include Sly Dunbar, Dean Fraser, Robbie Lyn, and Dalton Browne, among other A-list session men, and if the sound is occasionally just a little bit on the slick side, there's no denying the quality of both her singing and songwriting. Highlights include the sharply arranged and soca-flavored "Wasting My Time" (on which she makes a fine singjay turn), the gorgeous "Roots" (on which she shows off a surprisingly wide vocal range), and the unabashedly romantic "Closer" (on which she demonstrates that her focus isn't entirely otherworldly). An impressive debut from a major talent. ~ Rick Anderson

Reggae - Released February 22, 2013 | VP Records

Having been the reigning queen of socially conscious reggae since she debuted in 2008, Etana continues to evolve on her third official full-length, the 2013 release Better Tomorrow. Rather than use the usual reggae album construction style --totally new tracks combined with some new songs performed over familiar "riddims" -- this ambitious effort is almost entirely new, with the singer's backing band (honest to goodness, not a hired studio crew) free to explore the groove as long as it's fruitful. A great example is the key cut "Reggae," a love song ("You're just like reggae, you hit me like a drum/Reggae, play chords and I will strum") that travels from enraptured to blissful to fulfilled, all with the band responding, taking a firm groove and breaking it down to a loose, reverb-heavy dub. Then there's the mighty and organic "Queen," which interpolates Bob Marley's "Concrete Jungle" for the modern female, but it's the smooth songs that really shine, as easy, breezy numbers like "Beautiful Day" are anchored by the authentic slow strut of a live band. With a full-bodied chorus behind her, the powerful worship number "The Prayer" could be mistaken for mainland gospel if Jah weren't mentioned; then there's the closing title track, which winds and jumps with that live band feel and comes off as a reggae/pop/rock combination of Paul Simon during his Graceland era, Damian Marley on one of his more epic songs, and the Police right around Synchronicity. The genre-jumping and live playing deserve some focus because they're new, but Etana's gift for empowering songwriting that poetically advocates high self-esteem and makes the modern everyday struggle sound valiant is as strong as ever. Topping it all off with an intro that's one part Fugees and one part poetry slam is like the icing on the cake, and if Better Tomorrow doesn't give up the usual amount of hit singles for Etana, it is still her most accomplished and well-designed album to date. ~ David Jeffries

Reggae - Released November 16, 2012 | VP Records


Reggae - Released October 19, 2018 | Tad’s International


Miscellaneous - Released August 28, 2015 | Freemind Music


Reggae - Released February 8, 2019 | Tad’s International

Reggae - Released December 22, 2017 | Tad’s International

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Reggae - Released February 15, 2019 | Maximum Sound


Reggae - Released March 31, 2017 | VP Records

Reggae - Released February 27, 2015 | VP Records

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