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World - Released October 28, 2016 | WM Spain


Pop - Released March 3, 2003 | Parlophone Spain


Pop - Released May 29, 2006 | Parlophone Spain

Estrella Morente is a remarkable young flamenco singer, and this disc, which effectively stands as a tribute to several Spanish singers, is a gorgeous piece of work. Her father, also a famed flamenco singer, has his fingerprints all over the disc. It's a daring record, taking pieces best known in other versions and having her perform them in a different style (and anyone who takes on "Ne Me Quitte Pas" likes a challenge). For someone still young, she has a remarkably mature voice that handles the material with real authority. At the same time, you feel she has yet to realize the full extent of her talent, which means she's going to be a true international figure in a few years. You may not know all those being feted here, but don't worry; simply enjoy Morente's glorious voice instead. © Chris Nickson /TiVo

Pop - Released November 26, 2001 | WM Spain


World - Released May 1, 2015 | Real World Records


World - Released June 9, 2015 | WM Spain


Pop - Released April 18, 2003 | Parlophone Spain