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Brighton, England's Electrelane formed in 1998, eventually comprising guitarist Mia Clarke, bassist Rachel Dalley, drummer Emma Gaze, and keyboardist/guitarist Verity Susman. Sharing an equal amount of fondness for Krautrock, vintage equipment like the Farfisa organ, and modern production techniques, the band made their recorded debut in January 2000 with the Film Music single on In Denial. Following another single for Fierce Panda, the group set up the Sony-supported Let's Rock! label, issuing a pair of singles (Gabriel and Blue Straggler) prior to the April 2001 release of Rock It to the Moon, the band's first full-length. Active and vocal proponents of female involvement in music, the band became part of the Ladyfest concerts that took place in Glasgow a few months later. For the band's second album, 2004's The Power Out, Electrelane moved to Too Pure and added vocals and more pop structure to their sound. Dalley left the band late in 2004 and was replaced by Ros Murray. Axes, Electrelane's denser, more experimental third full-length, arrived the following spring. After extensive touring in support of Axes, the band convened in Berlin in summer 2006 to write their fourth album, No Shouts No Calls, which they recorded that fall; the album, which fell closer to The Power Out's pop sound, was released in spring 2007.
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