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Craig Taborn Trio

Born in Minneapolis, the jazz pianist Craig Taborn was given a Moog synthesiser for his 12th birthday, an event which proved pivotal in his future musical development. The Moog encouraged him to explore musical boundaries outside the confines of the piano lessons he was taking and laid the foundations for his career as a jazz performer. Taborn claims to be "not a classically trained pianist at all" and has always explored wider musical territory.

Unlike many musicians of the modern era, Taborn eschews websites, social media and self promotion, preferring to let his music do the talking. He is deliberately selective about what material he releases citing that the modern world is driven by what he terms 'profligate documentation'. It's a refreshing attitude and has ensured that quality rather than quantity has driven the choice of tracks for the nine albums he has released under his name during his 25-year career. Although Taborn may be reticent regarding the release of his own material his talents are in great demand as a sideman and he has appeared on over 90 albums recorded by other artists. One of Taborn's trademarks is his style of playing the Fender Rhodes electric piano and he is considered one of the finest modern day exponents of this iconic instrument.
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