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The music produced by Parisian DJ and musician Chloé Thévenin (who is generally billed by her first name) ranges in scope from floor-filling minimal techno to dark, confessional downtempo, and even blues-influenced indie rock. Her ambitious solo albums, including 2010's One in Other and 2017's Endless Revisions, are particularly experimental and cinematic, containing a greater presence of guitars, intimate vocals (both sung and spoken), and abstract song structures. She has also issued numerous club-geared EPs, such as 2021's Mars 500. An esteemed DJ, she has spun at numerous clubs and festivals across the world, and has released a handful of acclaimed mix CDs. She is the co-founder of Kill the DJ Records, born from the infamous club night at Parisian night club Le Pulp, and she later founded an additional club night and label called Lumière Noire. Aside from club music and culture, Chloé has ventured into classical music, soundtrack work, and the contemporary art world, with projects such as the choreographic piece Static Shot, the score of which was issued in 2021. Chloé began DJing during the mid-'90s, around the time she was attending law school at the Université Panthéon-Assas. She became a resident DJ at lesbian nightclub Le Pulp, and was partly responsible for the trendsetting monthly event series known as Kill the DJ. Chloé started releasing her own productions in 2002, beginning with the Erosoft EP on Karat Records. The mix CD I Hate Dancing, named after a song from the EP, was issued by French imprint Human in 2004. Additional singles appeared on labels such as Gomma, BPitch Control, and Crack&Speed. In 2005, Chloé and fellow Le Pulp resident Ivan Smagghe helped launch Kill the DJ as a label, and the two co-mixed The Dysfunctional Family the following year. Chloé's ambitious debut full-length, The Waiting Room, was released in 2007. The slow-burning mix CD Live at Robert Johnson, issued by the label associated with the Frankfurt club where she often spun, appeared in 2008. Chloé's second studio album, the more downtempo, mysterious One in Other, was released in 2010. Chloé continued releasing techno singles and spinning at prestigious clubs (including Berghain, Watergate, and Rex Club) throughout the 2010s, but she devoted more of her time to live performances and pursuits outside of the realm of dance music. She performed a live film score to a screening of Alfred Hitchcock's Blackmail in 2012, as well as a live score for a video by Franco-Lebanese artist Anri Sala at the 2013 Venice Biennale. In 2016, Chloé and percussionist Vassilena Serafimova performed the music of Steve Reich as part of the French television series Variations. Chloé worked with Algerian Kabyle musicians on the soundtrack to Lidia Terki's film Paris la Blanche, which was released in 2017. Her third solo album, Endless Revisions, appeared on her own Lumière Noire imprint that year; guest vocalists included Ben Shemie (Suuns) and French pop veteran Alain Chamfort. Two companion releases, Endless Revisions: Live and Endless Revisions: Remixes, arrived in 2019. She returned to instrumental techno with 2021's Permanent Vacation-issued Mars 500 EP. Static Shot, an EP composed with Pete Harden (Ensemble Klang) containing music for a dance piece directed by choreographer Maud Le Pladec and performed by the CCN-Ballet de Lorraine, was released the same year. Chloé also collaborated with Maud Le Pladec on Counting Stars with You (Musiques Femmes), a choreographic project focusing on women composers.
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