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Cherry Glazerr

L.A. indie rock outfit Cherry Glazerr progressed from a vehicle for teenage songwriter Clementine Creevy's bedroom pop into a fully formed rock band enamored with the loud-soft song structures of '90s grunge and dark lyrics that swung between confrontation and self-inspection. After releasing early recordings on Burger Records, the band grew to worldwide acclaim, eventually signing to indie superpower Secretly Canadian with 2017's Apocalipstick. Cherry Glazerr was born in 2012 when high school student and singer/songwriter Clementine Creevy began recording songs in her bedroom under the name Clembutt. After getting some early help from Lucy Miyaki of L.A. band Tashaki Miyaki, Creevy formed a group made up of drummer Hannah Uribe and vocalist Sophia Muller to aid in bringing her songs to life. After adding bassist Sean Redman to the lineup, the quartet made a demo tape that caught the ear of Burger Records. The newly christened Cherry Glazerr (with a name taken from local NPR radio reporter Cherry Glaser) released the nine-song cassette, Papa Cremp, in early 2013 and started playing shows, including 2013's Burgerama Festival, where they gained a fan in Yves Saint Laurent's creative director Hedi Slimane. He invited Cherry Glazerr to play a show in Paris, and their song "Trick or Treat Dancefloor" was used in the company's ad campaign. The foursome recorded their first album, Haxel Princess, for Burger, but Muller left before the album's release in January of 2014. Uribe also left the group, leaving Creevy to rebuild and revamp. Tabor Allen joined up on drums and Sasami Ashworth on synths, and the band began working on a new album. Teaming with producers Joe Chiccarelli, whose long career included work on albums by the White Stripes and the Strokes, and Carlos de la Garza, the band's scruffy garage punk sound skipped ahead to the grungy '90s and added a layer of studio sheen while still holding onto Creevy's unique point of view. Along with the new lineup, minus Redman, and sound, the band jumped to a new label, Secretly Canadian, and released Apocalipstick in early 2017. The album was a confident and ambitious collection that saw Creevy taking on the world with walls of distortion. 2019's follow-up Stuffed & Ready was just as dissonant and intense, but far more inward-looking and self-reflective by comparison.
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