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Cat's Eyes

Subverting the romance of '60s girl group pop and male-female duos like Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra with plenty of psychedelic atmosphere, Cat's Eyes features the Horrors' Faris Badwan and Canadian soprano Rachel Zeffira. The pair's first release, the Broken Glass EP, arrived in February 2011; soon after, they made their live debut at the Vatican, performing the song "I Know It's Over" in the Basilica during a Mass. Cat's Eyes played their first full-fledged concert and issued the Face in the Crowd EP in March, a few weeks before their self-titled debut arrived. Badwan returned to the Horrors for 2014's Luminous while working with Zeffira on the music for Peter Strickland's drama The Duke of Burgundy. Released in 2015, the score earned the duo a European Film Award for Best Composer. That year, Cat's Eyes worked with producer Steve Osborne on their second proper album, Treasure House, which incorporated dream pop and classical influences. Leading up to the album's release, in March 2016 Badwan and Zeffira posed as part of a Renaissance music ensemble to play a version of their song "I'll Be Waiting" at Buckingham Palace. Treasure House arrived that June.
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