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Pop - Released January 1, 1994 | Universal Music Division Mercury Records

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French Music - Released January 1, 2004 | Universal Music Division Mercury Records


Pop - Released January 1, 2004 | Universal Music Division Mercury Records


French Music - Released April 20, 2017 | Millennium Digital Remaster


French Music - Released April 24, 2015 | Film Records


French Music - Released April 17, 2017 | Universal Music Division Mercury Records


Pop - Released January 1, 2002 | Universal Music Division Mercury Records

Brigitte Bardot's self-titled LP was a spirited but erratic endeavor, let down not so much by her limited vocal skills as the zigzaggingly uneven material and arrangements. Bardot wasn't much of a singer, but even on this maiden outing, that wasn't so much a concern because she sang as if she knew it, instead focusing on projecting her personality and charm. In particular, she often sang as if she was on the verge of bursting out into knowing giggles, a trait she shared with another '60s French star (France Gall), though Bardot did so with more maturity. The tunes, however, were often chained to a hokey vaudeville-cabaret theatricalism that makes them seem dated, even though several of the writers (Jean-Max Riviere, Gerard Bourgeois, and Serge Gainsbourg) would also be involved with her best material in the mid-to late-'60s. There's also a sense of a catering to an all-around-entertainer/variety-show approach, even taking in fairly silly stabs at mariachi, Dixieland, tango, torch songs, and one attempt to sing in heavily accented English ("Everybody Loves My Baby"). Yet there are some good tracks here, like Gainsbourg's infectiously frivolous ye-ye/twist number "L'Appareil a Sous" (about the only cut that approaches rock & roll territory) and the lilting, sexy ballad "La Madrague," which cuts down on the laughs to good effect. There's enough sporadic sparkle in the rest of the program to make it worthwhile for those taken with Bardot's peculiar yet fetching vocal persona, but many will find the general mediocrity of most of this too much to handle. ~ Richie Unterberger

Pop - Released January 1, 2003 | Universal Music Division Mercury Records


Pop - Released January 1, 2000 | Universal Music Division Mercury Records

In the mid-'60s, sex kitten Brigitte Bardot released a series of mildly popular pop records, the most interesting of which being her collaborations with Serge Gainsbourg. Early on in her singing pursuits, rock video-type films were generated for each of her songs. The tracks on Brigitte Bardot Show serve as a soundtrack to her long forgotten television show, which she produced and which served as a stage for her to perform her hits. The album, re-released on CD by the Japanese label Flavour of Sound, contains 15 songs, five of which are instrumentals. The vocal tracks range from gentle ballads to bizarre psychedelic romps, all with an over-the-top theatricality and sung with a humorous pop assault. For fans of hip obscure French pop there are a half dozen groovy go-go tracks like "Harley Davidson" and "Contact," while for those of us who have long been hopelessly in love with the lovely Bardot, there is the sultry and dreamy "Mister Sun." While there was never any expectation that she would be asked to perform arias at the Paris opera house, her recordings are very fun and certainly entertaining. ~ Zac Johnson

French Music - Released January 1, 2014 | Universal Music Division Mercury Records


French Music - Released November 25, 2017 | Quimbaya Entretenimiento S.A.S.


French Music - Released May 11, 2018 | Milestones Records


Pop - Released May 9, 2019 | JB Production


French Music - Released May 2, 2018 | Milestones Records


Pop - Released December 25, 2019 | Hit Singles Records


World - Released May 18, 2019 | White Room Music


French Music - Released December 21, 2015 | JB Production CH


French Music - Released April 30, 2018 | Milestones Records


Pop - Released April 19, 2019 | JB Production


French Music - Released May 16, 2018 | Milestones Records