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Alternative & Indie - Released June 21, 2019 | Spacebomb Records LLC

There are two threads in Azniv Korkejian, a.k.a Bédouine’s musical tapestry: her nylon string guitar, and her voice. The former, weaves the structure to her wandering songs, by its steadfast presence; the latter is soft, thoughtful and often disarmingly melancholic. Surrounding this carefully spun web, orchestral arrangements punctuate the air with grace and nuance. Korkejian’s little world is highly personal. Borrowing from folk (Sibylle Baier, Haley Heynderickx, or even Adrienne Lenker come to mind) as well as country (Joan Shelley), she meditates birds, exile and love to a simple and generous beat. Bird Songs of a Killjoy is a celebration of all things soft – to be enjoyed with your eyes closed. ©Alexis Renaudat/Qobuz

Alternative & Indie - Released March 9, 2018 | Spacebomb Records LLC


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