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Electronic/Dance - Released February 1, 1993 | ZTT Records

Gorgeous is 808 State's most vocal-oriented effort, and features a number of fairly anonymous and forgettable guest singers. The record is most successful when it sticks to the group's trademark atmospheric dance instrumentals, although even those are fairly run-of-the-mill. ~ Jason Ankeny

Electronic/Dance - Released April 15, 1991 | ZTT Records


Electronic/Dance - Released May 30, 2006 | ZTT Records

In 1993, 808 State's label culled together a series of flip sides and bonus tracks for the Japanese audience. As a self-contained release, Forecast was difficult. The band was generally pretty lenient toward using multiple remixes as B-sides, which made it hard to digest the collected material in an uninterrupted sitting, but it was all the more of an unnecessary exercise due to a heavy focus on "One in Ten" reinterpretations, never one of the band's better singles, and the lack of any real rarities. Later bits were made up of tracks from the bonus disc to 1993's likeably flawed Gorgeous. Though "Lemon" and its whiff of drum'n'bass percussion, their evangelical excitement for acidic fruit, remains an inspired production, there weren't a lot of appealing moments for fans or non-fans alike. ~ Dean Carlson

Electronic/Dance - Released May 30, 2006 | ZTT Records


Electronic/Dance - Released June 17, 1996 | ZTT Records


Dance - Released October 11, 2019 | 808 State