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Ones to Watch 2022

By Jessica Porter-Langson |

Although we are unsure what 2022 will bring, one thing is certain for us… that there is A LOT of incredible music to look forward to! Let us highlight some of our ‘Ones to Watch’ for 2022 so you can keep an eye out for your next favourite act.

Gabriels (Soul)

Although relatively new to the scene, Gabriels, a trio hailing from LA, already come with recommendation from Elton John himself. Comprising of gospel singer and choir director Jacob Lusk, and producers Ryan Hope and Ari Balouzian, their two EP’s released in 2021, (Love and Hate in a Different Time), (Bloodlines), can only be described as the sound of Black American history. Filled with aching and pain, but always with glimpses of hope, the music shifts between intense, heartfelt soul (Innocence), to cheery 60’s-esque doo-wop (Love and Hate in a Different Time), all whilst maintaining an air of freshness and modernity. Do as Sir Elton Johns says and give them a listen.

Wet Leg (Alt-Pop)

Wet Leg started as a band for fun, now, they are one of the UK’s most sought after acts. With musical inspirations like Bjork, The Strokes and PJ Harvey you can only imagine what cogs are turning in the eccentric and creative minds of Hester Chambers and Rhian Teasdale. With only four tracks out, and over 1 million monthly listeners, it seems that their humorous art-pop approach to their music is working. After recently signing to Domino Records (who represent the likes of The Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand and Four Tet), there is absolutely no doubt that these quirky queens will be taking the world by storm in no time.

ENNY (Hip-Hop)

Released in a very bleak time for London, October 2020, ENNY’s track Peng Black Girls instantly became a beacon of hope, not to mention an all-out anthem, for those trapped in London and all over the world. This track was the South London rapper's love letter to womanhood, to black culture, and to being absolutely peng! (London slang for ‘hot’). In South London, where the rap scene is entirely overwhelmed, ENNY is a welcome refresher, not relying on heavy drill beats but instead leaning into playful, narrative-driven rap that rings true with her faithful hometown fans. After being picked up by Jorja Smith’s label F.A.M.M, we are sure to be seeing more of ENNY in 2022.

L'objectif (Dark Pop - Rock)

Listen to L’objectif’s EP Have it Your Way before you keep reading this, because you’re in for a shock. The band have been playing together for about four or five years, however, the shocking part is that even after a ‘lifetime’ together in band years, the members are still only sixteen or seventeen years old… which is formidable when you hear the quality of music they are producing. Dark with touches of distortion, L’objectif’s music is delightfully delicate but with corners of intensity. Have it Your Way, which gives us a sense of their noir pop influences, is entirely surprising… no track is how you imagined it should go, which is what makes this young band so exciting. The group were signed to Chess Club Records, who also represent other big UK acts like Alfie Templeman, Pixey and Sinead O’Brien. L’objectif are a band that can only get better with age… literally!

Charlotte Adigéry and Bolis Pupul (Electronic)

This Belgian duo comprising of Charlotte Adigéry and Bolis Pupul just enjoy a good laugh. The group address everything from racism and cultural appropriation to political correctness and misogyny in the form of addictive house beats. Adigéry says, “The language we use? Pop culture! So you’re welcome to dance to it,” and dance we will! The track HAHA from their upcoming album Tropical Dancer, is literally three minutes of Charlotte’s distorted laugh over a hypnotic liquid house beat, making for a truly hilarious and fascinating track that you cannot help but smile at. It is clear that this duo doesn’t take themselves too seriously, which makes them even more loveable. After working with Soulwax, who co-produced and co-wrote their upcoming album, it is clear that their work is a brazen yet brave commentary on society, coupled with pure electronic joy.

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