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Santana, Volume 4 (finally!)

By Barry Moore |

The eagerly awaited sequel to 'Santana III' has been released...

45. This is the number of years it took before Santana IV. No joke. The struggle has been very real for fans of the guitar-wielding Santana. It’s another guitarist, Neal Schon, who is behind the project. He tested the water with the idea of ​​a potential collaboration with Santana back in 2013, and finally the two musicians decided to recall the entire band from 1971: Greg Rollie (piano/vocals), Michael Carabello (percussion), Michael Shrieve (drums), all were present. The artists got to work in 2013 and recorded more or less 50 tracks. The 16 ‘most successful’ were retained and become Santana IV. The spicy recipe is wonderfully cooked and includes everything that perfectly identities the Group – from Latin music to jazz, Caribbean rhythms to blues, psychedelic to sunny afro... The whole thing is undeniably groovy and Santana perpetuates a dance that takes into account rhythm and melody simultaneously. The musicians have no difficulty in finding picture-perfect complicity after so many years apart, and have helped to save a portion of Shake It as a wonderful jam track. Special guest Roman Isley (singer from the famous Isley Brothers), is also part of the group and adds his voice on two tracks. You might think you’ve heard it all, but Santana has nothing but proof here that this isn’t the case. © AR/Qobuz

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