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King Krule at peace?

The Londoner's third album sees him strike that unique balance between melancholy jazz and post-punk no-wave that is his signature.

By Charlotte Saintoin | Video of the Day | February 23, 2020

A flash of red hair, a sharp face and freckly, pearly white skin: Archie Marshall has proven for a long time that there is often more to people than what originally meets the eye. The ex-teenage baritone who released 6 Feet Beneath The Moon in 2013 and The OOZ in 2017 is now a father. For his third album Man Alive!, King Krule, now 25, has watered down his melancholy.

With more of an emphasis on brass-assisted blues on this more intimate 14-track-long opus, the Londoner (exiled to the countryside) displays his unique, previously-plaintive voice, which now soothes (The Dream), reverberates (Supermarché), feels lighter (Theme For The Cross) and still adolescent at times (Please Complete Thee). There are fresh moments, such as when he sings about his daughter on the floating Airport Antenatal Airplane alongside a Nilüfer Yanya sample.

King Krule infuses various aspects to sculpt these forty minutes of relaxed no-wave: rugged flow, jagged saxophones (Stoned Again) and searing punk intensity (Comet Face). Anxiety finds inner peace.

I see beauty everywhere. I knew it was there but now I understand it”. Co-produced by Dilip Harris, Man Alive! was recorded at night, just like its predecessors, between London and Stockport. A massive album which will undoubtedly blossom on stage as well.


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