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Igor Levit Lock-down Recital

By François Hudry |

The latest album ‘Encounter’ by the German-Russian pianist is a particularly astonishing one, blending the diverse works of great composers such as Bach, Brahms and Morton Feldman.

While the 2020 health crisis, due to the Covid19 virus, has caused great anxiety among the general population it has also ignited the imagination of artists and musicians alike. Locked down in his apartment like so many us, the pianist Igor Levit broadcast a daily, live performance on his social media, even going as far as playing a 20 hour piano piece, Erik Satie's Vexations.

Encounter, the product of Levit’s self-isolation during lockdown, brings together an intelligent and pleasing array of composers.

From Bach arranged by Busoni at the Palais de Mari, or the latest work from Morton Feldman for solo piano, to Brahms arranged by Reger, these are intimate connections between composers, as much as they are moments of solidarity at a time or great loneliness and isolation. Levit’s poignant introspection and devotion to humanity shines throughout his album.


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