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Electro Deluxe, putting the funk in French Touch

For their 6th album, the French funksters get experimental with electronic music.

By Clotilde Maréchal | Video of the Day | October 6, 2019

For over two decades now, Electro Deluxe have proved that French funk is neither a misprint nor a mere copy of the masters’ work on the other side of the Atlantic…

Without trying to reinvent the wheel, the vibrant Gallic gang apply their unique know-how to irresistible compositions with the sole objective of getting their listeners up and dancing.

Though for their sixth album Apollo, Electro Deluxe adventure into visibly more electronic territories, mixing seventies groove with French Touch…

Their pure, acoustic sound is enriched by the warmth of legendary keyboards such as the Juno and the Moog. The famous Linndrum drum machine from Prince’s early days lines up next to Roger Troutman from Zapp’s talkbox, Daft Punk’s vocoder and Herbie Hancock’s Fender Rhodes. A tidal wave of sounds that lets Apollo sweep you away to seventh heaven!


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