Blurred Boundaries

Anne Paceo's Bright Shadows is in Hi-Res 24-Bit on Qobuz!

By Max Dembo | Video of the Day | January 30, 2019

Every album by Anne Paceo is surprising. And each one of her projects is stunning. She’s always where we don't expect her to be. It would be too simplistic to simply label her as a "jazz drummer". With her, the genres have never been so beautifully fluid. Everything inspires her, motivates her, nourishes her. Jazz, of course, is one source of inspiration, but there’s also pop, song, electronic music, world music and blues. "I’ve never liked the boundaries between musical styles," she insists. “It was the record industry that invented those boxes, but music goes beyond that. The important thing is that it speaks to the heart and soul to awaken our emotions, takes us on a journey and inspires us..." With Ann Shirley and Florent Mateo’s voices and her faithful accomplices Pierre Perchaud on guitar, Christophe Panzani on saxophone and Tony Paeleman on keyboards, Paceo has designed a firework display, just as colourful as it is rhythmic. And never being able to label the music of this eclectic Bright Shadow album is an asset that reinforces the mystery of each of her poems.


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