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Parcels: Five Man Explosion

By Marc Zisman |

An interview with Daft Punk’s Australian protégés following the release of their first album which blends seventies Pop, Funk and soft Rock.

After the feel good movies came the feel good bands… We can no doubt pin this label on Parcels. Originally from Byron Bay, a surf Mecca 200 kilometers south of Brisbane, these five young Aussies with their seventies look have filled their vintage jukebox with albums from The Beach Boys, Steely Dan, Chic, The Beatles, The Bee Gees, Phoenix, Gorillaz and even Daft Punk! The French electro duo are big fans of Parcels and even teamed up with Australian band to write the single Overnight. With their eclectic choice of styles in time and in fashion, these baby kangaroos left Australia and anchored down in Germany (Berlin) and signed with French label Kitsuné.

On their first album, simply named Parcels, they managed to pull off the magic trick of fitting everything in. Their multiple influences, the hot sand from their childhood beaches, polished vocal harmonies, addictive grooves, clear and funky guitars, disco and clean Pop filled with sunshine. During this interview Jules Crommelin (guitar), Patrick Hetherington (keyboard), Louie Swain (keyboard), Noah Hill, (bass) and Anatole ’Toto’ Serret (drums) tell us how they did it.


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