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St. Vincent - Qobuz Interview

By Barry Moore |

Meet Annie Clark, the voice behind the fourth album effort of St. Vincent, which confirms the immense talent of this young composer as she puts her own spin on rock fusion, electro and new wave.

Young oklahoma born singer/songwriter St. Vincent once formed part of Sufjan Stevens touring band before going out on her own in 2006. Her stage name is a reference to St Vincents Medical Centre, where she claims poetry goes to die following the death of Welsh Poet Dylan Thomas there in 1953. Her new self-entitled album from Universal is definitely NOT where poetry goes to die. With a number of deeply rooted themes and skillfully written stories, this release really is a medley of thoughts from the mind of an artist. Start with the opening track “Rattlesnakes” and we challenge you to stop after that. We interview the artist herself in this Qobuz exclusive to find out more about what really makes St. Vincent tick.


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