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Agnes Obel: Qobuz Interview Video

By Marc Zisman |

With her second album, Agnes Obel once again displays her outstanding talent, playing a wide rage of sophisticated music. Qobuz was lucky enough to conduct an exclusive interview with the Danish Berlin-based musician, who performs her symphonies with an unparalleled skill and sense of intimacy.

With Aventine, Agnes Obel further develops the intimate and dreamlike universe of her first album, the highly acclaimed Philharmonics. She adopts the same, sleek style as Satie, managing to push her minimalist pieces towards new heights. In these immense and unique soundscapes, the reverberating voice of her piano is magnified tenfold, and she simply lets it float above the sublime music that carries on below. Indeed, this daydream is even more subtle than its predecessor, whilst the music is sprinkled with several violins and the occasional cello. It only seems natural that this record has been given the Qobuzism award - our internal distinction for only the finest releases in terms of production quality and originality - to celebrate the talent of this already timeless musician, who unveils several clues that help us understand her world throughout the album.


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