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Lump, the other face of Laura Marling

By Marc Zisman |

For the incredible duo's second album, the English folk artist and Mike Lindsay of Tunng have even more fun mixing it up!

Three years after what was thought to be a short-lived interlude, Laura Marling and Mike Lindsay of Tunng relaunch the Lump adventure. For the British neo-folk artist, this duo is quite convenient. “Lump is where I put all the things I have in my head that don't fit into any other project, at least in this form. These things don't try to create a narrative but somehow they end up doing it anyway”.



The Lump have put aside the deep melancholy of their first album in favour of the more lucid and dense songs we find on their newly released Animal. Above all, the compositions are wrapped in the characteristic sound of the Eventide harmoniser used extensively by Lindsay; an effect that made the atmosphere of David Bowie's Berlin trilogy so singular, especially on Low. This harmoniser creates an urban, futuristic and slightly angsty sound that is counterbalanced by Marling's pure voice.



We can't blame the singer and her partner for staying true to themselves. With the minimalist electro of Animal, the neo post-punk of Gamma Ray, the sci-fi requiem of Paradise, the synthetic pop of We Cannot Resist and balladry of Phantom Limb, this incredible record is full of hidden treasures, atypical miniatures and unexpected choices that fascinate more and more with each new listening.



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