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Connan Mockasin / Ade: Like Father Like Son

By Jessica Porter-Langson |

If you are familiar with the psychedelic Kiwi's previous work, prepare to de-familiarise yourself as Connan Mockasin enters new waters with 72 year-old companion, his dad.

With over a lifetime of work put in, yet recorded in a single night, It’s Just Wind took both forever and an instant to create. In itself, it is exactly what you would expect from Mockasin... it is something else entirely. Connan and his dad, Ade, decided to put pen to paper and commit to the ‘father-son album’ that they had always joked about. After Ade had a near death experience, Connan was told by a psychic that his father-son project had to be made a priority, and thus we are presented with It’s Just Wind - which does not mean anything profound, but simply relates to Ade’s flatulence problems - after all, ‘It’s Just Wind.’

This album is both an entire work in itself, yet also 10 entirely separate smaller works. The album moves effortlessly between tripworthy dreamscapes (Edge of Darkness, Round Peg in a Square Hole), funky Connan Mockasin gold tracks (What It Are, It’s Just Wind), and top notch Grandfatherly comedy, poetry, and wisdom from Ade on tracks like The Wolf, Te Awanga, Marfa and Stuck.

Although there are many standout tracks on the album, contemplating the album as a whole work itself brings it an entirely new meaning. The lines of real-life storytelling and fictional storytelling are blurred by Ade as he weaves tales and jokes through each track. Accompanied by Connan’s trippy guitars, we are taken out of this world, yet John Carroll Kirby’s synth keys and beat machine seem to keep Connan close enough to still create a grounding groove. As expected, this album is an otherworldly journey that one must take.

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